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Meditation is the best thing going to increase your energy, enhance balance, gain wisdom, and become truly happy!

Thanks for your interest in Lighten Up Meditation! No meditation classes are planned at this time.

Want to know more? Learn about the benefits of meditation and discover the basics of how it works - and check out the Lighten Up blog for occasional articles about integrating a practical spirituality into your life.

Our meditation classes are fun, fast & easy—why not check one out?

Meditation is one of those things... You've heard that it's beneficial and can make you healthier or less stressed or whatever, but it sounds stuffy... even boring. But it's totally not! Attend one of our INTRO TO MEDITATION classes in Sunnyvale and learn how to meditate using a really simple, and even exciting, and especially straightforward meditation technique that you'll actually want to do every day. Meditation does not have to be difficult or painful. You don't need to twist yourself into a pretzel on the floor to do it, either! Come check out the way that we meditate and see for yourself how meditation can change your life!

Meditation in the media... and other fun stuff

The Lighten Up blog also has periodic postings about meditation and self-discovery in our modern age.


Lighten Up Meditation offers classes in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If you're curious about meditation, now's the time to find out more! Come learn how to meditate, Bay Area! Meditation is simple and fun and it can radically change your life. With the technique you'll learn at one of our San Francisco "how to meditate" classes, you'll be up and running in no time! Establishing consistency with meditation — doing it every day — can bring changes to your life remarkably fast. Meditation is just like working out: the results build the more you do it. Learn how to meditate in Sunnyvale or at our new San Francisco location at one of our free Intro to Meditation classes, and then join our ongoing meditation group (also free! see location info here). Meditating with a group can be especially powerful, and we happen to have an especially motivated group! You'll find lots of fun people looking to change their lives through meditation at these classes. If you're anywhere in the Bay Area and ready to learn to meditate, please come to our free meditation classes to see if you like what we do — we'd love to have you!